The smallest model of the Brokk family is Brokk 40. Originally
introduced to strip down tiles in old bathrooms, Brokk 40 is
able to pass through 60 cm wide doorways and is therefore
the perfect machine wherever narrow openings have to be
considered. It can be transported in a standard passenger
elevator or even can climb up and down ordinary stairways.

Once in place, the working capacity of Brokk 40 is surprisingly
high despite its small size. The most common tool used on the
Brokk 40 is the SBC60 hydraulic breaker, which has been
especially developed for the machine. The breaker easily
chisels away the tiles, clinker and other materials. Other
optional attachments include a concrete crusher, bucket,
clamshell bucket and grapple. It is a truly remarkable
experience to watch this small machine demolish a concrete
wall with its crusher.